Monday, March 2, 2009

Sidehug Chronicles

What's the point in watching the sunset without someone to bask in its indefiniteness by your side?

The point is, even though you don't feel complete without someone with you, the sun is still going to go through the motions whether you're watching it or not. The sun is still going to mystify and be rich in goodness. The sun is going to warm you with its rays and do everything it can to make your clouds go away.

The sunset is still beautiful, even if you are watching it alone.

And who knows, standing there, waiting for its inspiration to strike, you may feel complete again.


  1. I call it "Me and my shark Lenny" (i figured the name should relate to the story somehow)

    I slide through the smoke, its so dark
    I try to fit in and dance but im white, i fail
    Across the floor her seductive look pulls me in
    She takes me back to her place, my stomach drops
    Sex sex sex, and then she kicks me out
    I fell for the trick, ive been used
    I shouldn't have taken the bait

    At the depths of the ocean lurks a shark
    He tries to swim with the gold fish, but hes a killer whale
    He eats the dead fish, now a harpoon in his fin
    He's thrown on the deck, he flips and he flops
    His stomach is cut open, and out pour old trout
    He had eaten their fish, they were amused
    He shouldn't have taken the bait

    Told you i would throw something together ;) lol

  2. Matty, i actually really like it. You think you're being funny, but it's actually deeper than what meets the eye. good job!

  3. Yeah, it actually took me a while to do, i had to plan ahead so the human lines rhymed with the shark ones.


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