Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bay E- P7

The room is spinning but I've never been more sober,
I got the letter today and I can't believe it's all over.
They are bringing you home on the 5th, but I don't know if I'll be able to look upon your final bed.
"I'll be home soon and then we'll be together. Don't worry about me."
--Isn't it the lie you said?
"Don't worry about me."

Well I'm angry at you for leaving and you can't even say you're sorry anymore.
They put a bullet in a boy for the sake of some God damn war.

Now I'll never know what it's like to rock your baby to sleep,
And the only thing rocking away my tears at night is you tags...
Around my neck, next to my heart, I'll always keep.

And when I finally soothe myself into a bittersweet dream,
I can't help thinking of your smile,
Your lips,
Your eyes,
Your body motionless forever...

And suddenly, I wake myself with a scream.

Yellow Means Yield

This world is filled with things we'll never be able to explain. Give me a physics problem and you've already found my Achilles's heel.
But some things are felt with every fiber of your being and there's no way you could be wrong about something so pure.

So give me your hand and I'll jump.
I'll show you how strong you make me.
We could jump from this roof together but never hit the ground.
Being with you is like having wings.
So take my hand and lets jump.
Don't be afraid.
You have nothing to worry about, and that's the only thing I'm sure about.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Sidehug Chronicles

What's the point in watching the sunset without someone to bask in its indefiniteness by your side?

The point is, even though you don't feel complete without someone with you, the sun is still going to go through the motions whether you're watching it or not. The sun is still going to mystify and be rich in goodness. The sun is going to warm you with its rays and do everything it can to make your clouds go away.

The sunset is still beautiful, even if you are watching it alone.

And who knows, standing there, waiting for its inspiration to strike, you may feel complete again.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

pretzel brain

You surprise me with your suptleness,
You engulf me in your happiness.
You plan to keep me satisfied,
You know how to make me feel alive.
You make me forget yesterday,
You make the best out of today.
You laugh and cry with the best of us,
You listen to me, which is a plus.
You don't know the reasons behind my smiles,
But you're the only reason I see for miles.