Thursday, October 30, 2008

You and Me

If you are the western horizon, and I am the Sun, I don't want to ever bear another nightfall.
For I know that I will surely see you again,
But it feels like forever until my sunset turns into another sunrise.

If you are a garden and I am the seasons,
I hope to never lay my cold hand of winter upon your cheek.
Your beauty is seen by all and I don't want to be the reason it withers.

If you are a kingdom and I am a rivaling country, I hope to never reach your gates with cries of war,
You have built great things around you and only someone foolish would hope to tear it down.

I hope you are like a chick, and I, a mothering bird.
I hope to nurture, feed, and encourage you.
When I push you from the nest, know that I believe in you and want you to succeed...Because I love you.

I hope you are like a wise grandfather and I, like an innocent child.
Show me your ways, how to do what's right, and enjoy life because I want to grow to be just like you...Because I love you.

Whatever we are and become, I hope we stay true to ourselves and learn from each other along the way.
When you stumble, I hope my hand is the one you reach for. When I laugh, I hope it's because you made it happen.
When we travel down the road, I hope we're headed in the right direction, together.

I don't want to be the sun while you, a horizon. I don't want to be the seasons coupled with a bountiful garden. And I don't want to be a neighboring country that's envious of your kingdom.

I want to be, you and me, forever a we...Because I love you.

© 2008 Lauren Dickerson

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