Thursday, September 17, 2009

Seeing Sound and Hearing Color

Sometimes I just want to go to a place in my mind where I don't have to focus on the world around me. A place where everyone is equal, dreams are achievable, and true happiness is attained. Where negative feelings and stress don't distract from whatever you're supposed to be doing that day and the faint screaming at the base of your brain subsides momentarily.

In this world, educated conversations are held and meaningful memories are made in which people truly care for one another without recognition of flaws. Beauty isn't measured by aesthetics and make-believe reality. Instead, beauty surrounds and encompasses everyone and everything and leaves space for the imagination to fill in the lines where it has left out.

At the heart of this place, is me. My vision of where I see myself later in life. I look around and see all the wonderful things that make this place more than fiction. I want to grasp the edge of this place and hold on tight because the knowledge that this exists, is exactly what will destroy it.

I go there today. I will go there tomorrow. I will go there as long as my mind has the ability and the youthfulness to make it happen.

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